Wedding Dresses and Event Planners

Wedding Dresses and Event Planners

A Wedding Planner for Your Special Day

Congrats you are engaged and it is time to start planning for the happiest day of your life. You need to decide a date, location, caterer, and a multitude of other details to get your dream just right. Most of us need some help with our perfect day and wedding planners help get all of the pieces to fit together. They are the head of the machine that allow you to enjoy your wedding worry free.

Before the Wedding

A wedding planner has a lot of work before the day with wedding dresses, florists and the other vendors that are necessary. They learn your priorities and how to meet them on your day. They work with the happy couple to get all the details just right and help to ensure no detail is forgotten or overlooked. The best wedding planners have relationships with the vendors in your area, which helps ease the process and the anxiety of who to hire.

Wedding Day

All of the planning is done, but there needs someone to work the plan. The wedding planner makes sure that everything looks right and that the venders will be there. They will make sure that everyone is doing their part and the wedding stays on track. However, there are problems that can happen on that day. The caterer could be running late, the dj might not show and etc. A wedding planner works for the wedding to go perfect and has experience to fixing these problems.

When to plan

Fail to plan, then plan to fail. 3-6 months is the time frame that is recommended for most weddings and will ensure that you can get all of the details right. Bear in mind that if you plan to get married at a popular time of the year then procrastinating may cost you the perfect florist, dj, or venue on the day that you want. For destination weddings, you want to give your guests enough time to plan and enough of a notice if you want to secure a block of rooms from a hotel. A wedding planner deals with these things everyday. They know the popular times for your location and what vendors fill up first. They are an essential resource through the process.

Is a planner for you?

If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, then you need to consider how you want to spend your wedding day or how you will react to a potential crisis. Do you want a relaxing day that you can enjoy and know that things are handled, or do you want full control over every minute of the event or are you just going to fly by the seat of your pants. A wedding planner can help relieve the stresses of a wedding day and allow you to spend the day with your friends and family.